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July 28, 2012
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Dear Diary,

I'm not a normal teenage boy anymore. Well, I wasn't really, because I'm a rich kid who eventually got superpowers. It's too bad in a world where I'm lucky enough to get both, I'm not allowed to not have a total jerk for a dad. You see, after my mother died, my dad made me be perfect at everything. Like, I have to be handsome and intelligent and stuff like that. I couldn't have a bad hair day, or even a B+ on a test. My father didn't give me enough love, so my butler and nanny took over those roles. It's not really the same, however.

Some people think I'm like Batman, what with me being a troubled rich kid who has a double life as a dark superhero. But I'm different. Batman never had to deal with some pretty scary transformations, because he doesn't have real superpowers. To add insult to injury, during my transformation, Linda Ronstadt's version of Brahm's Lullaby, OF ALL SONGS, played in the background. For some reason music sometimes plays in the background in my world. But at least it didn't hurt. It was like going on a scary roller coaster, which doesn't typically hurt you, but does scare you. However, instead of a jolt, I had muscles bulge out of my clothes and black fur grow all over me.

Why yes, I did kind of enjoy it. After all, it made me forget when my father was angry with me. Plus, I could be as angry as I wanted to and no one would care. Of course, I was at my most angry after I transformed, but no one would have suspected a thing, because I'm a sweet, if spoiled, young man. That's the way my father likes it.
Of course, Tiffany, being the little jerkette she is, told Dmitri to post it in the newspaper. No one really took it seriously, and thought Dmitri invented an evil twin for me, for some reason. I'm glad I'm not the only oddball at school.

You might think this would be the end of my troubles. Boy, are you wrong. Tiffany clipped my scruff for ten seconds, and I sort of starting transforming back again. I didn't notice until January, around the time of the presidential inauguration of President Obama. It's sad, because I have to wait four more years to watch it again at school. Of course, I went back to school at the end of Janurary, why yes I was out for a week, but all anyone could talk about was the Superbowl. However, all the hype about the election happened in November and December, while I was still getting used to my new superpowers.
Anyways, it was normal until February 26th. Why? Well, it started normal with Pablo showing off his Zorro shirt, us watching West Side Story, and Uncle Adrian joking about Zorro, like he always does. Then I started growing hair-okay, fur- on my arms and freaked out. So yeah. Don't worry, I went back to normal.


Jorge Garcia
This is what Jorge wrote in his journal the day after he was "cured" of (most of) his panther-like features. It's dark, but somewhat lighthearted too.
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Yeah, your really talented.

Did you actually read the guy's transformation sequence? Chapter 6 of my story.
It's really cool writing- I can almost hear him saying it<3
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