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November 3, 2011
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The Secret Life of the Backyard Kids

"All right Jorge, you're the next guinea pig for my experiment. I'll shoot you with my laser," said Dmitri.  

Dmitri zapped the laser, then Jorge turned into a kitten.  

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Dmitri, HOW COULD YOU-oh, I'm back to normal again."
He went to the bathroom and took off his shirt because he thought bits of cat hair were growing out of him.

Suddenly, he realized he was on camera.  

"Oh, is someone here? Hello there. My name is Jorge Garcia, aka Jorge Raoul Luis Garcia III. I am quite the sharp dressed man, but I only have two major fashion standards I absolutely refuse to break.  

1. No wearing white clothes after Labor Day.  
2. No wearing clothes that animals died for.

He then said "My life's been very challenging, but I've been having a problem. It all started the last day of summer…" he said.

While he was getting a haircut, he decided to read a magazine.

"Let's see how my cousin Pablo is doing," he said.

"Yes, I'm so relaxed. This nice lady here will cut my hair, I'll read my celebrity magazine, and I have an eye doctor appointment in five minutes-wait, five minutes? But-wait, NOW? Sorry miss, I have to leave."

He zoomed out of the hairdresser's.

"Wow. He didn't even pay me," she said.

"Hey, cousin Jorge," said Pablo Sanchez when he zoomed out.    

"Can't talk, Pablo. Gotta fly," said Jorge.

Jorge saw that the streets had a lot of traffic, and the sidewalks weren't much better. But he couldn't be late. His only option was to crawl-and run-through the vehicles. Also, his cousin Pablo was following him.
"Nowhere to Run" played in the background while Jorge tried to climb through the trucks.

Jorge made it to his eye doctor appointment in the nick of time.  "Phew! Crisis averted."

Halfway through his appointment, his cousin Pablo finally caught up with him, looking wiped out.  

"Oh my gosh! Jorge Garcia just outran Pablo Sanchez on all fours!" said Sunny Day.

"Jorge had to get across a busy street today. So, he ran on all fours. His cousin Pablo didn't get there until after he got to the local eye doctor's-"

"Stop it! Get out of here!" he said, grabbing her TV camera and flinging it at her.  

He eventually had to be restrained.  

"-and that's why I'm afraid to go out in public."  He then went downstairs.  

"Look- I read the news today!" said Mr. Garcia.  

"Oh boy," said Jorge.  

Jorge sang the first two verses of "A Day In the Life" while taking a shower, combing his hair, brushing his teeth, and getting dressed. He barely made it to the bus.

Jorge had shiny midnight black hair that he tried to grow out, and that was sometimes dyed red or blue, with beautiful brown eyes he hid behind his glasses.  His favorite band was Good Charlotte. He also took piano lessons after school on Wednesdays.  

Angela was quite pretty, with long brown hair and bright brown eyes.  Her favorite musicians were Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff. Tiffany, on the other hand, liked Hilary Duff, Britney Spears (whom he disliked)…and Aaron Goldberg.

He was also battling the school's most popular girl, Tiffany Stevens. While Tiffany was not very nice, in villain mode she was downright evil. And Jorge was kind of a snob but even he thought she was a spoiled brat. If it weren't for his shyness-though it was more snobbishness than shyness-his heroism would make his social life incredibly easy. However, teachers, at least, knew and appreciated the fact he defended everyone, and he behaved accordingly at school. Most of the time, anyway…

He also played basketball until 4:00 on Tuesdays and spent the rest of the day studying his notes, which is why he did so well in school.  Despite having to go through a lot of turmoil as a magical boy, his beauty was never, ever, ever tarnished. His butler Matthew Broderick, on the other hand…

Meanwhile, Tony had two girlfriends (ie the Webber twins), and even Sam thought he was cute (though she was already crushing on Achmed.) He was kind of dumb, though, when it came to school, and he was kind of sensitive. And Jorge and Achmed liked him despite being male, and, in Achmed's case, having Tiffany Stevens for a girlfriend (though she also liked Jorge despite being his enemy.)  

Tiffany was a redhead with green eyes, and pretty tall for her age, which made her so intimidating. All the boys-Tony, Achmed, even Jorge had a crush on her in spite of her meanness, but only Achmed could have her-he was a rock star, after all.  Achmed also had plenty of girls after him-Angela, both Webber twins, Tiffany (of course), even Vicki, Maria, Annie, and the new girl, Sam.  She always wore a pair of fingerless leather gloves with a ring when she went to school, she was a cheerleader, and most of the boys thought she was very pretty, smile and all.  However she wore a fur coat most of the time and the reason she was smiling was because animals were killed for it.  Jorge also wore a fur coat but it was fake.  

Tony sang the third verse of the song Jorge started when he was getting ready for school.  

Jorge then sang the fourth verse when they got to the bus stop.  

"You know, Jorge, we're as close as male friends can be in a children's story," said Tony.  

"I know, Tony," said Jorge.  

The boys sang "Be My Baby" to each other.  

Everyone stared at them.  "Move on, nothing to see here."
This is the first chapter. It describes Jorge's morning, from his nightmare, to his problem of going out in public, to his friendship with Tony. It also describes him, Tiffany, Tony, and Achmed. So yeah.

A Day in the Life belongs to the Beatles, Be My Baby belongs to Phil Spector.
Brilliant!! Your writing is so animated! And a true joy to read. I can't wait to read the next chapters!
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