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December 9, 2011
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When Jorge went home from school that Monday, he found Angela clinging to his leg.  

"Emily, what new spells-Angela, get off my leg," he told her.

He even sounds handsome! Angela thought to herself.  

"MATTHEW!" snapped Jorge.  

His butler had to restrain her to get her off his leg.

Later that day, Achmed sang and practiced the Eagles songs "Take It Easy" and "Heartache Tonight" on guitar.  

Meanwhile, Joey was in his room, singing "Hollywood Nights."  

Jorge sat in his room, feeling sorry for himself. His mom died when he was seven, and his dad pushed him to be perfect, and sometimes his grandfather would too. His butler and nanny kept him hanging on. But if his mom was still alive, she would make his dad put less pressure on him.  

He called his friend Tony, telling him everything.  

"You see, Tony, the reason I'm such a brat is because…my mother died when I was seven, and my father pushed me to be perfect, and sometimes my grandfather would too. My butler and nanny kept me hanging on. But if my mother was still alive, she would make my father put less pressure on me.  

"Aww…that's too bad. Here's a song for you," said Tony.  

The boys sang "Dream On" together.

"Awww…thanks, darling." Jorge told Tony.  

"Wait…what?" said Tony.  

But deep down, he was thinking, Oh my god, I just hit the jackpot!

Jorge then went to his room to play "Building a Mystery" on piano.

Then Dmitri called him.  

"So Jorge, who are you going to be for Halloween?"  

"Johnny Cash."  

"Cool. I'm going to be Elton John."  

Jorge knew who Elton John was. He thought he was a pudgy man who wore tacky suits. It didn't surprise him, though, that Dmitri was going to be him for Halloween. He and him looked very much alike.  

Meanwhile, Achmed was singing "This Is Love" to a photo of him, Jorge, and Tony in his room circa 2004.  

That night, Jorge was contemplating the death of his mother, which happened four years ago that day.  

He walked up to his window, and sung a song for her called "Christina" ("Julia" with all the "Julias" changed to "Christinas.")

Then came Jorge's 12th birthday. He woke up, toke a shower, brushed his teeth, combed his hair, got dressed, and ate his breakfast. He also missed the bus, and Angela said hi to him at school.  

"Hello, princess," he responded.  

She squealed with delight.  

"EhmagodEhmagodOHMYGOD! Jorge called me princess!" she told Tony.  

"Big deal. He has pet names for all the ladies. Princess, darling, cutie, etc. etc."  

Most of his relatives got him cash-which he didn't already need-but his Uncle Adrian got him something special.  

"This book is called Perry Hotter. It's about a boy with magic powers, just like you. Pablo's a huge fan."  

"Okay," said Jorge. He had no interest in reading the book....yet.

October 9th, 2008 would be a day Jorge Garcia would never forget. It started out ordinary-he started out the day by eating breakfast and brushing his teeth, and it would have been John Lennon's 68th birthday, and he was one of Jorge's heroes. He brought a John Lennon CD to be played during gym class.  

"Tony, this is John Lennon. Do you know who he was?"  

"One of the Beatles?"  

"Yep. You know who they were?"  

"They were a rock band?"  

"They were one of the first rock bands."
Suddenly, his phone went off.  

"Hey Jorge, I know what you did to me, and I just found out I have magic powers like you. I've been training, and I WILL have my revenge-TONIGHT!"  

Jorge ignored the message until the end of the day, after he finished his homework and finished eating dinner.  

He then changed into a gray suit and black leather jacket with matching boots, belt, eye mask, and cape.

"It's time for some Breakfast at Tiffany's," he said when he left the bathroom.  

He then ran all the way to Tiffany's house.  

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" played while he ran.
This chapter describes Monday afternoon of the next week. The kids sing songs, and Jorge feels angsty for the first time during my story. Also, the kids discuss Halloween plans.

However, it seems that despite his magic powers, Jorge can have a normal life. Or can he? Tiffany Stevens wants revenge, and will ruin his life so she can RULE THE WORLD! I guess it's pretty normal.

Also, this chapter is about Jorge's and John Lennon's birthdays. Well, at least up until the afternoon.
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sweetteen5 Dec 14, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So Tony got a crush on Jorge?
Yep. But only-and i quote-as much as they can be in a children's story.
sweetteen5 Dec 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awww!!! I like that kind of thing!! How you been? Sorry I haven't been talking to you
It gets better. They sing the Ronettes classic "Be My Baby" to each other in the first chapter. (BTW, the Ronettes were a famous R&B girl group from the 1960's, sort of like Destiny's Child or TLC.)

I've doing well with my story! My mom's impressed, and I got Lani Minella's email so I told her about my story. She thinks it's awesome!
sweetteen5 Dec 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool! It's really good so far. Jorge having super powers remind me of some show I use to watch but I forgot the name..
Was it...

1. Harry Potter

2. Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)

3. Batman

4. Zorro

Because all four of them remind me of Jorge in some way or another.
sweetteen5 Dec 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Harry Potter!! You saw the second part? I cried!!!

I think Tony and Jorge should go together for fan services
I've only seen pts. 1, 3, and 4. And I only read the first two books.

Also, I saw pt, 3 in theaters the exact same summer I discovered Backyard Sports (I went to the YMCA camp because I wanted a computer camp, because I was a HUGE computer nerd when I was little.)

Go together for fan services?
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